Steam Achievements Reset: What You Need to Know

steam reset achievements

Steam Achievements reset are virtual badges or rewards that players earn by completing specific tasks or meeting certain criteria within a game on the Steam platform. They serve as a form of acknowledgment for players’ accomplishments and provide additional challenges and goals to strive for in a game.

What is a Steam Achievement Reset?

A Steam Achievement reset refers to the process of erasing all previously earned achievements in a game and resetting them to their default state. This means that any progress or milestones achieved by the player will be reverted, and they will need to re-earn the achievements from scratch.

Reasons for Resetting Steam Achievements

Curiosity and Fresh Start

Some players may choose to reset their Steam achievements out of curiosity or to experience the game from a fresh perspective. Resetting achievements can provide a renewed sense of challenge and excitement, especially for games that have been completed multiple times.

Correcting Unintended Progress

In some cases, players may have unlocked achievements through unintended means, such as using cheats or exploits. Resetting achievements allows players to rectify any accidental progress and maintain a sense of integrity in their gameplay experience.

How to Reset Steam Achievements

Using Steam Achievement Manager

Steam Achievement Manager (SAM) is a third-party tool that allows users to manage their Steam achievements. By using SAM, players can reset achievements for specific games or their entire Steam library. However, it’s essential to note that using third-party tools like SAM may violate Steam’s terms of service and could result in penalties.

Manually Resetting Achievements

Some games may offer an option within their settings menu to reset achievements directly from the game client. Players can typically find this option under the “Options” or “Settings” menu, although it may vary depending on the game.

Considerations Before Resetting Achievements

Before deciding to reset achievements, players should consider the following factors:

  • Impact on Progress: Resetting achievements will erase all progress and milestones, potentially impacting gameplay and unlocked content.
  • Community Perception: Some players and communities may view achievement resetting negatively, considering it as cheating or an unfair advantage.
  • Replayability: Resetting achievements can add replay value to a game but may also diminish the sense of accomplishment for some players.

Impact of Resetting Achievements on Gameplay

Resetting achievements can significantly impact gameplay dynamics, particularly in games where achievements unlock in-game rewards or bonuses. Players may need to re-earn achievements to regain access to certain features or content, altering their gameplay experience.

Community Reaction and Controversy

The practice of resetting achievements has sparked debates and controversies within the gaming community. While some players view it as a legitimate way to enhance their gaming experience, others consider it cheating or unfair to those who have earned achievements legitimately. Community forums and discussions often feature varying opinions on the subject.

Alternatives to Resetting Achievements

Instead of resetting achievements, players can explore alternative ways to challenge themselves or refresh their gameplay experience. This includes trying new playstyles, setting personal goals, or participating in community events and challenges organized by game developers or fan communities.


In conclusion, resetting Steam achievements can offer players a chance to explore games in new ways and add replay value to their gaming experience. However, it’s essential to consider the implications and potential consequences before deciding to reset achievements. Whether for curiosity or correction, players should approach achievement resetting with respect for the game and its community.


1. Can I reset achievements for any game on Steam?

While some games offer built-in options to reset achievements, not all games support this feature. Additionally, using third-party tools to reset achievements may violate Steam’s terms of service.

2. Will resetting achievements affect my game progress?

Yes, resetting achievements will erase all progress and milestones associated with those achievements, potentially impacting your game progress and unlocked content.

3. Is resetting achievements considered cheating?

The perception of resetting achievements varies among players and communities. Some may view it as a legitimate way to enhance gameplay, while others consider it cheating or unfair.

4. Can I re-earn achievements after resetting them?

Yes, after resetting achievements, you can re-earn them by completing the necessary tasks or meeting the required criteria within the game.

5. Are there any consequences for resetting achievements?

While there may not be direct consequences within the game, some players and communities may frown upon the practice of resetting achievements, considering it as dishonest or unfair.