Cellphone repair store suggests uses of a broken cell phone

Some people live entirely with their iPhone all alone. The amount of cell phones used by them is tremendous. Losing or breaking the iPhone for them can produce a lot of emotional and psychological stress. So instead of breaking down! They should Relax! And remind themselves that many people accidentally end up breaking their phones. Despite the metal case, the delicate oleophobic screen plays a major role in crashing the device. As a result, you and your iPhone part ways when you least expect it. After the death of your beloved phone, you visit a cell phone repair store. Alas! Nothing can revive it back but still you can do a lot of crafty things with it.

Cell phone repair store suggest how to relieve a broken phone

Sale it

That broken, damaged, smashed iPhone might not be your favorite anymore, but it still has value. Many people are willing to pay a decent amount for this metal piece. It will not be as high as a working iPhone, but you can still trade it off at cellphone repair stores like APEX Mobile. By selling the parts of these non-functioning iPhones, one can collect a decent sum that you can chip in to purchase a new iPhone. These working parts can be used as spare parts. They are helpful for cell mechanics in Winnipeg.

Be careful to make sure that your personal and useful data is wiped out before selling these parts of the iPhone. Otherwise try to get your phone and tablet repair from reliable cellphone repair stores.

Send it to Liam

Liam is a robot at apple headquarters who helps take iPhones apart and recycle them. Although recycling will not give you cash in return, it will give you emotional satisfaction as it will help in reducing the carbon imprint of this industry. Recycling has always been eco-friendly.

Another option is to look out for a recycling facility at a nearby cellphone repair store. This will also put your mind at ease. As selling it to an unauthorized vendor online is quite doubtful.

The iPhone is an amalgamation of some precious metals and nasty chemicals, so beware not to throw it in a dumpster but rather look for the right vendor.


People have a lot of associations with their phones. Parting can be a pretty daunting task, mentally and emotionally. So instead of reselling it for ‘Parts.’ One can keep it as a keepsake. A reminder of the mistake or a charm for all the good old times when the iPhone rescued you through tough times.

Use it as a Prop

There is a possibility that your iPhone got damaged after falling in the pool. Hence the phone circuits will be short-circuited, yet the appearance will be unscratched. So, you can use your phone as a prop or consider the device for a drop test.

Drop tests help you analyze the strength of the phone. People appreciate such videos where they get to know more about their devices. Higher views also lead to monetary compensation from the channel. In a drop test, you fall the phone from waist height to head height to see if the phone can take the blow.

Crafty Project

Use your broken iPhone for a crafty project. Convert it into a photo frame or a wallet. There are many tutorials on YouTube that can guide you in making this piece of metal trash into a decorative, useful piece.

Suppose the broken screen looks like a spider web; transform it into something beautiful yet useful. Take a clue from the Buddhist Kintsugi phenomenon, which is the art of repairing broken things and making them more beautiful.

Some phones function properly yet have cosmetic damages like a broken screen or a chipped case. iPhone screen repair from a cell phone repair store can be extremely helpful. It can breathe a new life into your iPhone. If you still want to purchase a new iPhone, then don’t discard your old iPhone and consider it for the following uses.

Emergency back up

Your iPhone is broken, but it can make a call or two, so don’t sell it away. Consider this tarnished screen iPhone as a backup for emergency days when your new phone is broken or lost. One never knows when it can be helpful.

It is clear from the above-mentioned ideas that a cell phone repair is possible from stores like APEX Mobile. Still, if there is no hope left, one can use the lifeless metal piece in a million ways and cash it for its worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are a broken iPhone worth anything?

Ans: You can always sell a broken iPhone to recycling companies. They won’t pay you a lot, but still, it is better than nothing.

Q: What can I do with an iPhone having a damaged screen?

Ans: One can always take the iPhone to the nearest Apple store OR contact the nearest service provider like Fixit Pro.

Q: What can we do with a broken phone?

Ans: Repurpose it, give it away, sell it or recycle it.